Topsoil Production

We Are Really Proud Of Our Topsoil, We really believe that we have an edge over the rest when it comes to Topsoil because we know the origin of all our soil, we never use recycled soil from skips because these soil types are contaminated and lacking goodness, we source our soil from farm projects in Lancashire where the soil is grade 1 classified and very black and rich and we then blend in some organic compost for an extra kick, this soil is great for growing fruit & veggies, planting flower beds and trees and turfing

Topsoil can be supplies in the bulk bags craned off , or for smaller orders such as 30 metres and 1 ton of soil etc a popular choice is to have the soil tipped loose from a small transit type truck, this will keep the cost down and also make shifting your soil faster !

Topsoil Specification
Origin - West Lancashire
Total Sand Content - 70%
Organic Material - 30%
Average PH - 6.9
Average Moisture Content - 22%

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