Turf Production

We operate one of the most technically advanced turf farms in the county and our equipment includes a turf monitoring drone so we know exactly which fields need feeding,spraying,pest control etc

We grow 1 grade of really good quality turf that is best described as a luxury sports lawn, this mix is made up of 20% dwarf Satarky rye grass to make it durable to periods of drought and heavy foot traffic such as family lawns or sports surfaces as well as a dense combination of beautiful fine fescues for a nice smooth lush green appearance, applications for this product include commercial landscapes, domestic lawns, golf courses, show gardens and tennis courts.

Turf Specification
Origin - West Lancashire
Rye Type - dwarf satarky
Rye Content - 20%
Fine Fescue - Slender / creeping 80%
Turf Usage - Family Lawns/ sports surface

We also supply Topsoil & Bark !